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Generic Adderall is classified in the same category as addictive drugs such as morphine, opium and cocaine. Adderall generic name is also known as Dextramphetamine-Amphetamine. It is available in popular pharmacies and is known to be inexpensive. Generic Adderall is used mainly for the treatment of ADHD and narcolepsy. People with narcolepsy are known to experience abnormal sleeping patterns while ADHD symptoms are characterized as that of being predominantly inattentive and of being hyperactive-impulsive. This product has been used to treat obesity as well.

The instant release of Adderal does dissolve in the system immediately while the extended release dissolves slower. The contents in the generics and the brand prescription are known to be identical, as opposed to regular prescription drugs that bear immense differentiation. Generic Adderall does have side effects which may include: dizziness, weight loss, headache, lower blood pressure, hair loss, decreased sex drive, hyperactivity disorder and rapid heart beat. Long term usage of Adderall in children have shown temporary growth rate. Women who are pregnant have been advised not to take Adderall during pregnancy to avoid any impairment to the fetus.

The availability of the medicines has led to teenagers and young adults faking symptoms in order to obtain access to the prescriptions. Since these prescriptions can be highly addictive, results have led to addictive psychological risks or hazards. Generic Adderall is commonly known as a “study drug” among students. Students use this drug to stay awake for prolonged hours to study or write papers. Students use the drug continuously not only to stay awake, but encounter no energy loss or lack of concentration as one would due to lack of regular sleep. Many athletic teams have constrained the usage of Adderall by athletes and are often tested.

A positive drug test for this drug can lead to suspension. Generic Adderall is known to be used illegally in a recreational way. The product is known to be injected into the bloodstream and even snorted. The drug is notorious as being sold Adderall without prescription. As part of the drug abuse program, the drug can be tested through sweat, urine, hair and oral bodily fluids.

Both Adderall IR and Adderall XR are available in generic and brand formulas. In essence the brand product and the generic prescription are the same. Generic Adderall 30 mg has been known to be misused thus resulting in high liability of independence. Withdrawal symptoms are common when intake is ceased.