Adderall Side Effects


Adderall is mainly used for the ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). It is very sensitive drug. It can also be used for the treatment of weight loss but this treatment should not be adopted if not recommended by the authorities.

Long-Term Use

The long term use is not assessed under controlled conditions. Therefore, if the doctor wants to use for the long period he must put the patient under continuous monitoring to avoid any unwanted side effects which may occur.


Children and Adolescents

In adolescent and the children, sudden deaths used to occur in the past. It is due to the use of normal dose of Adderall for the treatment of CNS with structural heart disorders. Therefore, it is very important to inquire before prescription of Adderall to the children having such abnormalities. Moreover, other than structural cardiac abnormalities in the children, the use of this drug should be discouraged for the safety of children from it’s side effects.


Similarly, sudden deaths have also been reported in grown-up patients who had been taking refreshment drugs at standard doses for ADHD. The reasons of such sudden deaths in adults are not known. Somehow, the role of this drug is there for this outcome.

Blood Pressure Patients

These drugs can raise the blood pressure up to some extent. Therefore, the patient having hypertension and related problems must stay away from the use of this drug especially having the potent does.

Long-Term Suppression of Growth

The children of the age of 10 to 13 years suffers from the suspension of growth with the use of adderall. Therefore, to prescribe the adderall for the children of the above said age must be avoided. Only in intense cases, it should be used for the treatment of ADHD.

Visual Disturbance

It is also reported that this drug can also affect the vision of the patient. With the use of this drug the ability of seeing decreases and a blurring of vision is generated in the patient.

General Precaution

The lower limit of prescribed amount should be advised to the patients to avoid the over dosage. Moreover, this drug must be prescribed with the precaution to the patients who are already using the other drugs.


According to some studies the adderall has no significant effect on pregnancy. If the normal dose is given to the pregnant woman, there is hardly any side effect on the pregnancy. However, care should be made for the prescription of this drug to the pregnant women to avoid any unseen complication in the pregnancy.

Usage during the breast-feeding

Although, there is no considerable bad effect on infants that this drug can pass to the infant through the mother’s milk. Therefore, care must be observed for the of cheap Adderall no prescription. There is also an alternative way and that is to stop breast feeding by the mother during the use of this drug.

Drug Abuse and Dependence

This drug is very addictive and the patient becomes dependent on Adderall if it is used for the longer period of time. Moreover, the potency increases with the passage day by day. Therefore, only short term treatment should be prescribed to the patient for the procurement of ADHD. Another abuse is it’s usage for the weight loss. This use is very common now a day. This drug is getting more and more popular in the people for the purpose of weight loss.

Over dosage

The over dosage of everything is bad and especially the generic Adderall because this drug is associated with different kind of bad effects on reaching the maximum limit of the use of prescribed amount. The patient tries to get more amounts for the procurement of ADHD in intensive condition but is very dangerous for his future life. It has very vast withdrawal effects. It is not easy for any patient who is addicted to it.


The effective amount of dose should be prescribed to the patient which depends on the condition of his disease.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Not advisable for the children below 3 years. For the children between 3 to 5 years of age, normally start with 2.5 mg regular; regular dosage may be lifted in increments of 2.5 mg in weekly intervals until best salutation is obtained. In the children of  6 years of age, it may be started with 5 mg daily.