Adderall Dosage – You Must Know Some Facts

Talking about disease and disorder, these are as ancient as man. Man is trying to cure these diseases and disorders since beginning of life on this planet. In early days, the diseases were not so common but as man started getting away from the  nature and started destroying nature by cutting forest and making the land barren for making homes and cultivation, diseases and disorder became common. In the search of cure for these diseases and disorders, people started research about these diseases and disorders and many new discoveries were made. Also many methods curing these disease and disorders are discovered. Now days, there are many types of diseases and disorders; this is because the people don’t care about the side effects of things which are in their daily use and also there is no proper daily routine. People want to relax all the time at home by sitting in front of TV and they don’t want to do anything. This kind of routine really ruins every system of the body and causes different diseases and disorders.

Some diseases and disorders pass on to the next generation through genetics; while some are induced due to carelessness. And in our topic of discussion which is hyperactivity; it is induced disease which may result because of carelessness during the pregnancy and or may be due to some hormonal imbalance during growth and development. In this disorder of hyperactivity, the person is unable to focus on the daily routine and there is lack of motivation and pleasure in that specific person who is suffering with this disorder.

The actual cause of problem lies in the brain cells where two neurotransmitters are essentially required for the transfer of message from one cell to the other or from one neuron to the other neuron. In this disorder, those neurotransmitters are released in less quantity from the brain cells and message is not actively transferred to the next cell or neuron; and in this way cause problem in conveying the message and creating problem to understand and to focus on their daily routine work.

In market, there are many different types of medicines available which are used to cure this disorder. The important ones are Adderall, Ritalin and many others. All these medications work in a specific way by increasing the quantity production of the neurotransmitters in the brain cells. These medications help people to get focused and pay attention to their work.

Keeping in context our medicine of interest order Adderall, it is found that it is the mixture of many salts and amphetamine. The salt makes the base of this medication. This medication works in proper order. First of all, it goes into the brain and increases the production of neurotransmitter in the brain but it also makes a check on the re uptake of these neurotransmitter by the brain cells. In this way increasing their number at space between cells and neurons and making active transportation of message within the brain cells. In this way, this helps people to get focused on the work and enjoy their daily routine.

But the key thing which should be kept in mind while using any kind of medicine is related to it’s dosage. Both over dosage and under dosage are harmful. The over dosage is harmful in such a way that can also harm to the other body system and disadvantage of being under dosage is that person using that medication will beome addicted to that medicine and after some medicine it does not work for that purpose. But as he is addicted to that medicine it will be difficult for him to discontinue that specific medicine.

Talking about our medicine of interest adderall, as adderall is used for hyperactivity disorder and narcolepsy, Adderall 30mg dosage depends upon many factors which may vary from person to person.

The first important factor is the age of the patient and on the fact what kind of medical conditions the patient is having. The next factor is that if the patient is using any other medication or not. The third important factor is what kind of other medication one had tried for the hyperactivity or narcolepsy. And the last one is what kind of other medical conditions that one is having.

In case of Adderall dosage, always keep the instructions of your doctor in mind because over dosage results into many problems. The dosage range for hyperactivity is from 2.5mg to 40 mg daily and in case of narcolepsy it ranges from 5 to 60 mg per day and it can be split into two or three doses. Beside this, there are many types of herbs which should not be used with this medicine because either those herbs cease the activity of the active salt of Adderall or it may interact with the active salt of Adderall and become source of allergic reaction in the body.