Adderall And Breast Feeding Mothers-The Course Of Action

There are two opinions about the use of adderall during the breastfeeding. One group of experts favor the small amount of adderallwhile others show their worry upon it’s use and suggest to stay away from the use of this drug especially during the breast-feeding.

Supporter Group of Experts

The studies reveal that most of the drugs used by the mother pass on to the infant through her milk. The important question is if the amount is low or high for the child and what’s the effect of this drug on the infant. Some drugs are strongly harmful for the little children especially at the age of infancy. Others are harmful to a normalmextent for the infant and some are very little harmful for the child. Now, it is upon you to choose such drugs which are not much harmful for your child. The case is the same with the Adderall.

It also passes on to the infant through mother’s milk to the infant. Some studies found it is not very harmful for the infant when the baby starts taking other foods also with the breast-feeding because it’s potency decreases due to use of other foods. During early breast-feeding, when the child is very small and totally rely on the milk of mother than it should not be taken because it can have it’s side effects on the baby. Taking in view the above discussion, it is clear that one should try to avoid the use of adderall during breast-feeding especially during early time of breast-feeding. This attitude will safe for your newly born baby.

Non-Supporter Group of Experts

Non supporter group of people mainly urge that the mother should stay away from any kind of drug especially during the breast-feeding in order to avoid any problem faced by the infant on the transmission of some amount of drug through milk of the mother. In this regard, following precautions and warning are given to aware the mothers for the safety of the infant.

Adderall and breast feeding warnings:

In the situation, when mother is using cheap Adderall during breast-feeding there are risks of diverse bad effects for the baby. Following symptoms can appear in the baby on extensive use of this drug during breast-feeding especially during early barest-feeding times to avoid any seen or unseen complications, the mother should stay away from the use of this drug:


The child feels irritation and remains restless for the longer period of time especially during night.

Cry for no reason

Baby cries often for no reason. Actually this is due to irritable feelings which baby may experience on receiving the considerable amount of this drug through mother’s milk.

Suffer from sleep turbulence

As said earlier, the drug makes the baby very restless it badly affects the sleep pattern of baby. Baby remains sleepless for longer period of time which causes the increase in his restless feelings. This is very difficult condition for the child and as well as for the mother.

Most of the mothers want to decrease the weight which they gain during pregnancy. For this purpose they use generic Adderall. At the same time, they also are feeding the child through their breast. It is being very irresponsible regarding the health of infant. No doubt, the mother will lose the weight due to decrease in appetite. At the same time, the appetite of an infant also decreases which may affect his growth. When the mother is breast-feeding the child, her body uses nutrients in the preparation of milk. At the same time, due to decrease in the appetite, the mother’s body doesn’t get enough food and hence becomes feeble more rapidly. This can cause other complications which can be very harmful for the mother as well as for the child.

The conclusion is that there are no proven problems generated in the infant on feeding on the milk of the mother who is taking the adderall during breast-feeding. On the other hand, for the prudence point of view the safety of infant is more than anything for the mother. Therefore, if possible the mother should stay away from the use of any drug in generally and from Adderall especially.